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Grooming your pets doesn't mean that they have to be made-up and untouchable; it simply means that by having us groom your pet, you're taking good care of their health by allowing us to keep a watchful eye on their hygiene. Pets, like humans, are more likely to remain healthy when they are clean and well groomed. Contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats are not wild animals; they require regular grooming attention to keep them healthy in their domestic environments.

One of the major benefits of having Pup In A Tub regularly groom your pet is that we will become familiar with your pet's body. This allows us to quickly recognize problems with his health. This way we can advise you to bring them to your veterinarian's attention sooner if we suspect the need.

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Few animals feel that bath time is something to celebrate. We are sensitive to your pets anxiety, and do our best to make bath time a pleasant experience. We always brush your pet thoroughly before bathing him. Brushing your furred friend removes dead hair and skin, spreads out natural oils in their coat, and helps keep them from developing an odor. A variety of brushes and combs are used. Any mats and tangles that your pet may have will be eliminated and they would only get worse during the bathing process, so take we take care of those problems in the beginning. We always use shampoo designed especially for your animal.

Though it might seem a struggle to keep your furry pal in clean condition, it's well worth it. You improving his health by having him groomed regularly by us. He'll appreciate the attention he's getting, and you'll appreciate the lack of fur in unwanted places in your home. Regular grooming habits are a must for any happy household!

Cats are well known for their exemplary grooming habits, but even they need periodic grooming. In fact, having your kitty groomed is great for his health because it helps prevent hairballs, keeping his digestive track healthy. During shedding seasons, increase the grooming frequency as needed to remove the excess dead hair.

At Pup In A Tub our groomers are expert in every aspect of pet care. We pay attention to your pet's condition during the grooming process. It is important to realize that regular grooming is a health issue. As well as having an attractive well groomed pet, by taking your pet to Pup In A Tub you are addressing any potential health problems by having our groomers examine your pet carefully to detect any potential health issues.


Exceptional ears

Ears are a prime place for infection-keeping your little buddy's ears clean is a great way to prevent illness. Our groomers pick up his ear flaps and examine the inside. We make sure that they are a healthy pink color. If we notice any ear symptoms we will advise you to take your pet to the veterinarian to have his ears examined.

Fantastic Feet

Many of our four-legged friends prefer not to have their paws handled, making nail trimming especially traumatic for them. Like it or not, it still must be done. Our groomers are professionally trained to perform nail trimming with a minimum of stress. You can be assured that your pet will be handled in a gentle loving manner.

Indoor cats should have their nails trimmed occasionally whether they use a scratching post or not. Your dog's claws should not ever extend so far that his nails come in contact with the ground when he's standing normally on a flat surface. Nails this long place unneeded stress on your pooch's paws, which in turn can lead to foot problems.

Extraordinary Eyes

We examine your pet's eyes to make sure that everything looks good. We want to ensure that any abnormal conditions are noticed as soon as possible so that we can advise you of any problems and your veterinarian can begin treatment immediately. We are extremely careful with your pet's eyes during all parts of the grooming process. We will trim away any hair that is falling into your animal's eyes so that it doesn't inflict damage. If tear staining is a problem, you might consider looking at some of the products available here to help you care for your pet. Ask Rick or one of our groomers for advice.